Care & Maintenance

NinoRossi handbags are luxury items.  Handmade according to the finest traditions, with a commitment to quality and attention to details, each product is unique.

**Inside very handbag, we provide a maintenance card that lists the following:**

We recommend the following actions to care for and to ensure the longevity of your item.

  • Respect its elegant lines by not overloading and by avoiding weight pressure, as this may damage its shape.
  • Avoid exposure of the leather to sun or moisture as well as contact with make-up or perfume.
  • Should the product get wet, gently dry it with a natural-colored, absorbent, non-fluffy cloth.
  • Avoid contact of light-colored leather with darker materials as this will cause some color migration.
  • When not in use, store the product upright in its protective cloth bag, and never in a plastic bag.  Keep tissue inside the item in order to maintain its original shape, and place chain straps inside so they do not mark the leather.
  • Metal chains and clasps can be polished with a chamois cloth to maintain their shine.